Fuzion School of Dance

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Fuzion Dance Company
2021-2022 Competition Team

Solo Information

Fuzion Dance Company
Open to all Fuzion Dance Collective Dancers in Levels 1-4

Audition Requirements:

>>Fuzion Dance Company Audition Registration

Audition Fees:

Audition Schedule:

>> Tuesday, June 15th

>> Thursday, June 17th

Summer Class Requirements:

August Classes:

Class Requirements:

FDCo dancers are required to take at least one class in the same style they are competing in.

Competition Requirements:



Class Uniforms:


Fuzion Dance Company Solos
>> Fuzion Dance Company Solo Audition Application and Sign Up Form

Audition Requirements:

Additional Requirements:



Tuition Fees Table

Hours of Dance per WeekMonthly Tuition
30-45 minutes$48
1 hour$52
1.5 hours$76
2 hours$100
2.5 hours$122
3 hours$144
3.5 hours$161
4 hours$172
4.5 hours$180
5+ hours$185


SDC & FDCo Rehearsal Fees Table

Number of Competition RehearsalsMonthly Tuition
1 rehearsal$10
2+ rehearsals$5 per rehearsal


Extra Fees Table

Name of FeeWho Owes this FeeAmount RangeDue Date
Enrollment FeeAll Dancers$50 per dancerAt the time of enrollment
Audition FeeSDC
$50 per dancerJune 15-17
Workshop FeesSDC
SDC - $115-145
FDCo - $275-325
September 27
Costume DepositsAll Dancers$50 per costume October 25  (first half) November 29 (second half)
Entry Fees SDC
$50-75 per dancer per competitionDecember 27  (first half) January 31  (second half)
Costume BalanceAll DancersFees will not exceed: Shooting Stars - $35 per costume
SDC - $80 per costume
FDCrew - $35 per costume
FDCo - $80 per costume
February 28
Studio Admin FeeAll Dancers$50 per dancerMarch 28