Fuzion School of Dance

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Fuzion Dance Collective Overview


Fuzion Dance Collective is a fusion of our recreational program, Fuzion Dance Crew, and our competitive program, Fuzion Dance Company.

Collective: a group of people acting together, motivated by a common interest, working together toward a common goal

Crew: a group of people who work closely together

Company: a group of individuals with a common purpose

Fuzion Dance Collective (FDC) caters to dancers ages 3rd grade and up.  All dancers are a part of Fuzion Dance Crew (FDCrew).  Our program for FDCrew focuses on technique classes in various styles, focusing on foundations specific to each style, as well as strength and performance.  The solid technique acquired will liberate dancers to create, innovate, and speak with their bodies.

Fuzion Dance Company (FDCo) is our competitive program.  It is an extension of FDCrew for dancers who desire to dance and perform through competing.  Dancers in FDCo will utilize their technique and performance skills gained through FDCrew technique classes to showcase their abilities in performance pieces specifically for competition.

Fuzion Dance Collective is not solely made up of our students.  FDC is composed of our families, faculty members, and our community.  It includes each person who supports and contributes to the vision of Fuzion School of Dance.

FDC is an entity; an energy; a way of life.