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Fuzion Dance Troupe

Troupe Information & Requirements

Fuzion Dance Troupe (FDT) is our no-cut competitive dance program. FDT is open to all dancers in 5th through 12th grade. There will be a Boys Troupe as well. The Fuzion faculty is currently working on adding an Adaptive Troupe and an Adult Troupe.

Dancers interested in FDT will be able to enroll in classes starting in May. More information is coming soon.

Complete details on our 2023-2024 Fuzion Dance Troupe will be posted here as the information becomes available.

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Dancers must enroll in Fuzion Dance Troupe Classes. Enrollment will open in May and close September 1st. Parents can enroll online or in person during office hours. An enrollment fee of $50 is due at the time of enrollment. Classes and rehearsals for FDT will start when classes start in September.

Dancers and their parent(s) are required to attend an FDT Orientation meeting, where we will thoroughly go over all requirements and expectations for dancers and families. Each dancer and parent will be required to sign the FDT Agreement to solidify commitment and dedication, and for each dancer and their families to feel confident in their choice to be a part of FDT. A few things we will be asking of you and your dancers:

Time Commitment
We ask that, after family and education, FDT is considered a priority.

Good Attitude
Faculty asks that all dancers and families have a good attitude and support one another.

Fuzion Dance Troupe members will be required to take 9 Summer Classes. If a dancer chooses to participate in certain camps (to be named) that will be worth 3 summer class requirements.

Class Style Requirements

Requirements for Dancers selected to compete in:

- Jazz must take at least: 2 summer jazz classes and 2 summer ballet classes

- Hip Hop must take at least: 2 summer hip hop classes

- Tap must take at least: 2 summer tap classes

Remember: The total number of classes MUST be 9!

Dancers will need to fill out their Summer Class Checklist which will be posted here soon. Dancers who do not complete their summer requirements will be excused from FDT.

FDT Dancers will be required to attend the following:

2-3 Competitions (Topeka ONLY).
Ideally, Competition and Convention dates will be set by the end of August. Competition Entry Fees average $75-$100 per dancer/per dance/per competition. There are NO refunds for Competition Entry Fees. Families are responsible for transporting their dancers to the convention and/or competition venue as well as necessary hotel arrangements.

1 In-Studio Convention (Fuzion School of Dance)
Convention (Kansas City)
Convention Fees: $200-$350 per dancer/per convention, There are NO refunds for Convention Fees.
1 Nationals (Topeka or Kansas City)

Dancers will be required to purchase a costume for each FDT dance they are selected to be in. FDT Costume fees will be $150 per costume. Dancers may be required to purchase additional shoes, tights, and accessories for competition. This cost will not be included in the costume fee. There are NO refunds on costume fees. If the full costume fee is not used, a credit will be applied to your account in March.

FDT will have their own technique classes. They will not be required to be in Showstoppers classes, therefore not be required to purchase Showstoppers costumes. It is, however, optional for them to take any Showstoppers classes. If they do choose to enroll in a Showstoppers class, please look over the fees and requirements for that program.

Specific Make-Up is required and dancers will be responsible for purchasing. Make-up details will be provided at Orientation.

Depending on our first competition and convention, we are looking into scheduling Showcase in late January or early February. Details on the Showcase and applicable fees will be provided when the information becomes available.

FDT dancers are required to be enrolled in Fuzion Dance Troupe (FDT) Classes and Rehearsals. All FDT classes and rehearsals will be held during the week - no weekend classes or rehearsals.

If your competition dance style is JAZZ, you'll be required to take 1.5 hours of FDT Jazz/Ballet Tech class each week and participate in the FDT Jazz rehearsal.

If your competition dance style is HIP HOP, you'll be required to take 45 minutes hours of FDT Hip Hop Tech class each week and participate in the FDT Hip Hop rehearsal.

If your competition dance style is TAP, you'll be required to take 45 minutes hours of FDT Tap Tech class each week and participate in the FDT Tap rehearsal.

Dancers will perform their competition dances in Fuzion’s annual end-of-the-season Recital. The recital will be held at TPAC in May or June 2024. Dates and details will be announced as soon as they are scheduled.

Dancers will be required to buy a Fuzion Dance Team jacket (approx: $100) and a class uniform (TBD). Order will be due at FDT Orientation

Monthly Tuition
Technique class tuition and Rehearsal tuition will be auto debited on the 10th of each month August-May.

Studio Admin Fee
In March, a $50 Studio Admin Fee will be due. This is a fee for all Fuzion dancers and will not be included in Extra Fees breakdowns. Studio Admin Fee is used for studio equipment, upkeep and needed maintenance.

Extra Fees
Showcase Fees, Costume Fees, Convention and Entry Fees are included in Extra Fees. Like Monthly Tuition, Extra Fees & Studio Fees will be auto-debited.

Families will be provided with a Cost Breakdown at the FDT Orientation. Cost breakdowns will include monthly tuition cost and due dates, extra fees amounts, monthly extra fee payment amount and due dates, studio admin fees and due dates. Cost Breakdowns will NOT include any solo fees or nationals fees.

OPTION #1: Pay in full by check or cash and get a 5% discount. Must pay in full by September 30th.
OPTION #2: 8 Month Payment Plan. Payments will be auto-debited the 25th of every month from August through March.

Dancers are allowed a total of five (5) absences in each of their FDT technique classes and rehearsals. If a dancer acquires more than the allowed 5 absences in a FDT rehearsal, the dancer will be removed from the dance. There will NOT be a make-up option for rehearsals. If a dancer is removed from a dance due to absences, there will be no refunds on any tuition, extra fees, or studio admin. If a dancer acquires more than the allowed 5 absences in a FDT technique class, dancers will be required to make up the classes within 2 weeks of the absence in the corresponding technique style. Dancers will be responsible for completing and submitting a class make-up form.