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2023 Tuition

Payment Policy

All accounts will be put on a monthly auto-draft for tuition. All accounts will be auto-drafted for all costume fees, extra fees, and studio admin fees.

Dancers with unpaid tuition or extra fees, costume fees or studio admin fees by dress rehearsal will not be allowed to perform in the spring recital until their account is paid in full.


Enrollment Fee
An Enrollment Fee of $50 is due at the time of class registration. This fee is non-refundable.

Studio Admin Fee
The Studio Admin Fee is due on March 1st and will be auto-debited from your account.

Costume Package
The recital Costume Package is due in mid-November. Costume package fees will be auto-debited and a late fee of $5 will apply if not paid on time.


There are no refunds on any extra fees, costume fees or studio admin fees for dropped classes, withdrawals from the studio, or decisions not to participate in the recital after December 1st.

Hours of Class per Week Monthly Tuition
30-45 minutes $53
1 hour $57
1.25 hours $70
1.50 hours $81
1.75 hours $95
2 hours $105
2.25 hours $118
2.50 hours $127
2.75 hours $140
3 hours $149
3.25 hours $161
3.50 hours $166
3.75 hours $173
4 hours $177
4.25 hours $183
4.50 hours $185
4.75 hours $186
5+ hours $190

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